Garage parking, surface parking and a shuttle service provide options for students, faculty and staff.


Temporary Change for Surface Permit Holders on Bluff Street

On Thursday afternoon/evening, Nov.18, 2021. Facilities will be blocking off the entire row of parking spaces from the Mellon Hall loading dock to the Bayer Learning Center for line stripping that will be done on Friday, Nov.19, 2021.

Surface permit holders may park in either the Forbes or Locust garages during this time.

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Permit sales resume

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South Side Shuttle $75 per semester

The South Side Shuttle

The South Side Shuttle Service is a convenient, safe, and inexpensive way to get to campus for students living on the South Side. For just $75 per semester you would not have to worry about finding a parking space when you return home, digging your car out in the winter or wasting gas.

Electric Scooter Guideline

The University is supportive of the City of Pittsburgh's Mobility Collective and the intent of sustainable, safe transportation. The City's recent pilot program for electric scooters is certain to provide opportunities that may benefit the region, when their use is restricted within safe and appropriate parameters. For example, nearby bike trails adjacent to Duquesne University's campus might be an appropriate and safe venue for the electric scooters.

However, the University has serious concerns about the use of electric scooters on its campus. Duquesne often experiences dense pedestrian traffic, and the campus terrain includes steep inclines. As a result, Duquesne has for several years expressly prohibited scooters from campus under the Student Code of Conduct (except those used as a mobility accommodation under that Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)). In addition, Duquesne University has active concerns that the City's pilot program electric scooters are being left in pedestrian pathways, ramps, doorways and other areas that are potentially unsafe and could negatively impact accessibility.

For safety, accessibility, and other reasons, Duquesne prohibits the use of all electric scooters on campus, including those under the City's pilot program, unless as an approved ADA accommodation.

Duquesne is working with the City to designate campus as a No Ride Zone for the City's electric scooters, to geo-fence campus as a No Ride Zone (meaning that electric scooters will not operate on the University's property), and to effectively communicate these limitations to scooter riders.