Welcome to the COVID-19 Planning and Information Site. We are committed to keeping the Duquesne community informed during this challenging time. Find the latest news, University updates, facts and resources.

COVID-19 Planning and Information

Duquesne's Focus on Campus Community

Duquesne will continue to monitor conditions and prioritize the safety of its students, faculty and staff on campus, encouraging all members to get the vaccination.

Planning includes ensuring the ability to adjust safety measures if conditions require it.

Many hygiene and sanitation practices will remain in effect as preventive measures.

Duquesne's focus will remain on keeping the campus community safe so that students can continue to make progress toward their academic goals.

Reporting Changes

We continue to navigate campus life amidst the efforts of the state to distribute vaccinations, to follow safety protocols of the Duquesne Pledge and to provide an environment following preventive guidance for wearing masks, maintaining safe social distances and following hygiene practices. Our COVID-19 Dashboard continues to provide timely data of our status on campus. 

Featured Resources

There are a number of national and international organizations with detailed information on COVID-19. We've curated a list of recommended resources below. Additionally, you can check with your state and local governments, as they may have further information on how the current outbreak is affecting your area.