Other Specialized and Professional Clinical Services

Health Services Provides:

Consultation with a Registered Dietician

Photo of Barb BenedictBarbara Benedict, MS, RD, LDN

By appointment only. Call 412.396.1650 to schedule

  • Coordinates with Health Services physician as necessary
  • Inter-referral to University Counseling Services for disordered eating in order to provide an integrated, holisitic team approach for case management.
  • Courtesy service available limited times each week during the academic year
  • Telemed videoconferencing appointments available by appointment

Therapeutic Injections

For students prescribed pharmacologic treatments that require regular administration as prescribed by outside medical providers, including:

  • All current documentation of provider order or original prescription container provided to Health Services staff, and at the discretion of Health Services clinical staff
  • Medication provided by student
  • NO STORAGE for medication available in Health Services office

Laboratory/Phlebotomy Services

Bloodwork order from outside medical providers (processed through Quest Diagnostics* reference laboratory, and at the discretion of Health Services clinical staff.)

*Check with your insurance carrier to see if they participate with Quest Diagnostics

Travel and Study Abroad Consultation

Conducted in collaboration with the Center for Pharmacy Care travel health experts and the Duquesne University physician, who is a Diplomat in Tropical & Travel Medicine and Hygiene

By appointment only – contact the Health Services Office at 412.396.1650.